Golden Kamuy Returns


Golden Kamuy readers and watchers are ecstatic after receiving the news that the historical anime will resume it’s publicization. After a one-month hiatus, Satoru Noda will finalize the acclaimed anime that has brought the genre a lot of attention. Satoru Noda determined that in order to deliver a more accurate and thorough narrative he had to do further research and planning. The next chapter will make its debut in the 35th issue Shuiesha’s Young Jump Magazine.

Golden Kamuy tells the story of Saichi Sugimoto, a veteran of the 20th century Russo-Japanese war who sets off in a search to find a fortune of gold that belongs to the Ainu people. The story addresses many real-life political conflicts, and various technological and cultural developments made at the time. The story also delves into the Ainu people and explores its origin, religion, and way of life both respectfully and enjoyably.


golden-kamuy final arc

The series will return July 29th, and fans are anticipating it to be short, yet adventure filled as Sugimoto is closer to reach his final goal. One thing Golden Kamuy fans are sure to expect is well-written dialogues and characters, and impactful battle scenes. Noda has consistently put out information-filled chapter after chapter, and the sudden halt to the manga was a result of Noda’s responsibility and dutiful attitude to deliver a realistic storyline.

The final arc, titled ‘Site Navigation’ has fans coming up with several predictions as to how the story will wrap up. However, one thing that can be certain is, Noda will provide a gratifying ending to the story he has dedicated much time and research to. As the series has garnered various fans throughout the anime community it comes without saying that Golden Kamuy will be a series that will remain to be a fan favorite amongst historical anime adaptations.


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