The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement Part 2 starts September 23rd on Netflix!

The Seven Deadly Sins has become one of the most popular fantasy anime series recently and it’s new season is approaching. The story follows a group of warriors/knights that each represent a sin from the seven deadly sins who serve a purpose to defeat the Holy Knights who took over their land, the Liones Kingdom. Meliodas who is the leader and the sin of wrath, is our comical yet powerful strong main character who was cursed to to be forever separated from his lover, the princess of the Liones Kindom, Elizabeth.

Meliodas is found in yet another battle in the Dragon’s Judgement part one against the demon king who is actually Meliodas’ father. Meliodas decides to consume the Ten Commandments who are subordinates of the Demon King, in order to gain the strength necessary to defeat him. Meliodas gives up both his body and emotions in order to consume them, so his friends all go to retrieve them. After a long battle against the Demon King, Meliodas and his group are able to defeat him and while doing so Meliodas returns to normal.

At last the Holy War ended, and the Demon King was defeated therefore the last thing that needs to be resolved seems to be Meliodas’ curse with Elizabeth. Without their leader, the Demon King’s forces have no one to lead them and Zeldris is no longer affiliated with them after his father refused to save his lover Gelda. This leaves the readers intrigued as to who can be the new stronger opponent Meliodas and the troop may face. Dragon’s Judgement Part 2 is being released in September 23rd of this year so our questions will be answered very soon!

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