Blackjack’s Very Own First Halloween Cosplay Party!

This past weekend we reunited and met so many different people at our first Halloween party ,and you guys did not disappoint! All of you showed up and came ready to play and have fun! We were so excited to bring you guys an experience you wouldn’t forget, or maybe some of you did forget with all the sake we drank! 😉 It was the store owner’s birthday so you guys can all imagine how much it meant to him, to be surrounded by all of you! We did plenty things but we wanted to break it down for those of you who sadly couldn’t attend.

We started the event with a comedy group that broke the ice for all of us with lots of laughter! Secondly, we held a cosplay contest, and everyone was very in character and extremely well dressed, the competition was very friendly but fierce nonetheless! After the winner was decided, we had a special that set up different games for all of us to play together which was so much fun and it was great engaging with all of you. We also had our own photo shoot experience for all of those who wanted to show off their awesome cosplays! Overall, it was a really fun experience for us, and we hope we made it fun for you as well!

The event we held on Saturday the 16th was our first event since our opening day, and wow we can’t say we didn’t miss you guys! We saw so many of you dressed up in amazing cosplays and we watched you all have fun participating in several games! We wanted to bring you an experience in which you all felt comfortable and happy to be around other cosplayers and anime lovers like us, and we hope we were able to achieve that. You guys made this event so special for all of us and we hope you guys felt the same way! We can’t wait to see you at our next event!

With Love,
Blackjack Anime Store

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