The 10 Best Christmas Anime Ever, Ranked

Christmas is nearly upon us and while some people start making lists of movies to watch right around this time, we’re fairly certain that there’s a section of people out there wondering what anime to watch to warm your soul up.

The good thing is, there’s a plethora of anime which are best enjoyed under comfy blankets and the glowy lights of Christmas. So get yourself ready, because, in today’s list, we’re all set to go over a list of anime that you can enjoy during the Christmas period, so let’s begin!

10Tokyo Godfathers

We kick-start the list with everyone’s favorite Christmas  anime Tokyo Grandfathers, which follows the story of Gin, Hans, and Miyuki, three people who belong to nowhere. On the eve of Christmas, they find an abandoned baby nearby and unsure of what to do, they end up trying to find its parents.

Tokyo Godfathers sees to it that the fans get to enjoy a journey like no other. It’s full of warm moments that melt your heart away, while it also has its fair share of some of the funniest stuff that we’ve seen in anime. Rest assured, it’s an anime you can’t go wrong with this Christmas!4

9 – 5 Centimeters Per Second

With this pick, we decided to touch on the melancholic side of anime that we all love to see around the time of Christmas. 5 Centimeters Per Second follows the story of Tohno Takaki and Akari. The two are childhood friends who end up getting separated due to their parents’ jobs. Failing to keep regular contact over time with each other, distance eventually grows and the thought of ‘what could’ve been’ ends up consuming both of them right until the end.

While this certainly is a sad anime movie, it is something that we all love despite that. 5 Centimeters Per Second tugs on our hearts like no other movie out there and Makoto Shinkai certainly deserves every bit of praise for creating this masterpiece.

8 Toradora!

Toradora is an exceptionally fun anime that traces the story of Ryuuji and Taiga from their highschool. Ryuuji has a huge crush on Minori and to his luck, he ends up in the same class as her. To help his chances of getting together with Minori, he works together with her friend, Taiga.

With time, the two end up developing feelings for one another and we can help but love this budding romance. It’s easy to see why Toradora makes this list as the anime is full of slice of life stuff that everyone adores. There are also some important Christmas-themed episodes, which further adds to why it’s on our list.

7 Itsudatte My Santa!

Of the most popular anime of the 2000s, Itsudatte My Santa follows the story of Santa, a boy who hates literally everything related to Christmas. As some of you might’ve guessed by now, he ends up meeting a girl who turns his life upside down, her primary goal being to make him see the beauty of life.

Itsudatte My Santa! is Christmasy as an anime can get. It has everything you’d want in an anime that you can watch during this season, and we’re certain that it’s one that you’ll end up loving if you haven’t watched it already.

6 Whisper Of The Heart

Whisper of the Heart follows the story of Shizuku, a young girl who enjoys writing, but isn’t quite sure if it’s the path that she should take in life. After a few fateful encounters with a boy named Seiki, Shizuku starts falling in love with him and realizes what it means to craft your own path in life, and she ends up doing just that. Inspired by Seiki, Shizuku pursues her career as a writer as Seiki follows his own. Few anime touch our hearts the way Whisper of the Heart does. With its melancholic, yet inspiring theme, there’s no better way to head into the new year.

5 Wolf Children

Wolf Children is one of Ghibli’s classics, which makes it perfect for this time of the year. It traces the story of Hana, a hard-working college girl who falls in love with a man who claims to be half-wolf. The two quickly develop feelings for each other and even have kids.

Unfortunately, her husband ends up dying, leaving her alone with two wolf children. Wolf Children offers a completely different dimension when compared to some of the other anime on this list. With the story focusing on what it means for a parent to love their children, the anime certainly touches our hearts in unique ways.

4 Your Lie In April


Your Lie in April focuses on the story of Arima Kousei, a prodigious young pianist who loses the ability to hear what he plays following the death of his mother. Miyazono Kaori takes a keen interest in him and decides to step in his life and change it forever. Arima starts feeling what it means to be alive once again as Kaori fills his world with all sorts of colors.

Your Lie in April may not be a Christmas themed anime, but it certainly is one that warms our heart. While parts of this anime are unbelievably sad, it’s filled with heartwarming moments that are perfect for this time of year. What’s more, the story is impeccably written and it’s something you can never go wrong with.

3 The Disappearance Of Haruhi Suzumiya

Another anime we’re sure you’ll love watching during this time of the year, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya adapts the events of the fourth Haruhi novel. As the SOS Brigade plans a Christmas party, Suzumiya ends disappearing, and strangely enough, everyone’s memory of her starts getting hazy to the point where they simply forget about her.

It’s an anime filled with mystery, yet it has its fair share of romance to keep us warm throughout the watch. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is perfect when it comes to Christmas anime, and you should definitely give it a go.

2 Kanon

Kanon’s 2006 version is an anime that you absolutely must not skip if you want to enjoy Christmas watching anime. It follows the story of Aizawa Yuuchi who is unable to visit one of his cousins for seven years straight.

The following year, he finally steps foot in the city, only to remember absolutely nothing about it, and realizing how much things had changed. This anime is full of drama, much of which is Christmas themed, so you’ll surely enjoy your fill during a cold Christmas day watching this.

1 Winter Sonata

Our final pick for this list is Winter Sonata, an anime based on a Korean Drama. It follows the story of Yoo Jin, whose lover, Joo Sang, ends up dying in an accident. After the wounds of her heart heal, she moves forward in life and decides to marry a childhood friend of hers. When everything seemed to have finally settled down in her life, she comes across someone who looks like Joo Sang reincarnate.

Winter Sonata is an unbelievably beautiful anime, and much of it is set in a wintery place, giving us all the holiday feels. It does an exceptional job of depicting love that everyone loves to share during this time of year, and we’re certain that this is one of the anime you’ll enjoy watching this Christmas, given the opportunity.

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  1. momomanamu says:

    I thoroughly agree with Tokyo Godfathers, it’s a great anime! The disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is also really good. I haven’t watch some of the others, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about Toradora. I’ve seen Wolf children and Whispers of the Heart, but they’re a bit depressing for my taste.

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