Top Overpowered Manhwa Characters

We all love a good Manhwa. More than that, who doesn’t love getting hyped seeing an
overpowered protagonist dealing holy justice to people who both definitely deserve it
and can’t do anything about it? Today we’re going to be looking at some of our favorite
overpowered characters in Manhwa.

1: Queen (Girls Of The Wild’s)

Queen (Girls of the Wild's) Painting - YouTube

Girls Of The Wild’s is a manhwa people often overlook, which is a shame, because it’s
absolutely wild. It follows Song Jae Gu as he gets a full scholarship to a girl’s school.
While that is weird enough, what’s much more weird is that Wild’s High School also has
a rich tradition of mixed martial arts and women absolutely clobbering each other.
We of course meet many powerful characters at this school, many of whom bring their
own brand of fighting and martial arts to the ring. None of them stand out as much as
Queen does, who reigns on top of the student body as easily the strongest person
there. We don’t get to see Queen fight very often, but when we do, it is obvious that she
is just effortlessly a step above everyone else.

The whole manhwa follows Song Jae Gu’s journey as he tries to be a man worthy of
someday standing beside her, so that’s saying something.

This is also contrasted brilliantly against her much more awkward side when she’s
outside the ring. Pair the two together, and you have one of the most memorable
overpowered characters in recent memory.

2: Bam (Tower Of God)

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Tower Of God takes place in the setting of an almighty and gargantuan tower. It is said
that anything anybody could ever want, they can find at the top of the tower. Millions of
people try every day to be some of the few chosen worthy enough to be allowed into the
tower by the tower itself. Just being able to climb it is an honor.

Then there is Bam, an irregular. Someone who isn’t chosen by the tower itself but who
forces their way into the tower on his own. Just his mere existence is enough to set
everyone else on edge, even if he’s not all that strong at the start. Still, as the Manhwa
continues, it soon becomes obvious that many of their fears were in fact justified.

You see, Bam has a near insatiable hunger deep inside him to grow ever stronger. We
don’t know if there’s any limit to this thirst, but as the Manhwa continues and Bam
shows no signs of stopping his growth, it’s become obvious that soon nobody will be
able to stop him. It’s still somewhat early day’s in Bam’s story, but this is a rare chance
to watch an Overpowered character as they get more and more overpowered.

3: Jin-Kyung (Her Summon)

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This is an interesting one, because Jin Kyung starts off about as low as anyone can get.
He’s a shut in with a tremendous fear of going outside, let alone talking to people. This
is all thanks to his tragic past, that’s saddled him with burdens that might be too much to
bear. Outside of that though, he is a normal kid.

All of that changes however when he gets summoned to another world. Here, things are
much different. Jin-Kyung is instantly one of the strongest people alive on this planet.
However, unlike other Isekai, what sets Jin-Kyung apart is that every thing he brings
back from his own planet has tremendous effects in this new world.
What would normally be a lighter on earth is now capable of making a gigantic nuke
capable of destroying a mountain. What would normally be a simple pen light is now a
laser capable of piercing the strongest of beasts. It’s a very unique take on an
overpowered character, and it’s a joy watching Jin-Kyung using ordinary things to
conquer the new world he finds himself in.

4: Sung Jin Woo (Solo Leveling)

Solo Leveling Chapter 146: Sung Jin-Woo Vs. Thomas! | Solo Leveling :  Anime, Manga - Animenite

There is likely never going to be a better useless to overpowered story than Sung Jin
Woo. He starts off as the lowest D rank in all of Japan, until he has an accident in the
fabled double dungeon. After miraculously surviving there, he finds that his world has
now become a kind of game, complete with levels, abilities, statuses.
More than that, he finds out that while everybody has a level in this world, that is a level
they are all born with at birth, with nobody capable of getting much stronger except
through tremendous effort. That is…nobody but Sung Jin Woo himself. Yes, Sung Jin
Woo then goes from being one of the weakest Hunters to slowly becoming the strongest
Hunter in Japan and someday the world.

If that story alone isn’t interesting enough then it is only hyped up with gorgeous art that
does a lot to convey Jin Woo and his growing power. Now is an especially great time to
check out this favorite as the Manhwa has just finished.

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