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The Otaku Dream

It all Started when I was 16 Years Old. I went to an Anime Convention and saw some guys selling posters and several stuff, I didn´t really liked the designs that much and at that time I was learning Photoshop through a Naruto Roleplayt Forum and Several youtube Tutorials.    So, I decided I shall give it a try!  I started working as a Driver for my Mom´s Business and started to save up to start my little Shop. It Started with $50 USD and two small plastic Tables..

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Why we do what we do.

 I grew up in Nicaragua and when I was watching TV I remember watching Several Animes, Saint Seiya, DBZ, Samurai X and as a Kid I wanted merchandise from this animes and in my country this merch was nowhere to be found. Years passed, I was “Grown Up” Adult and moved to Miami in 2018. Surprisingly, I wanted to get some Naruto or Anime exclusive merch and it was nowhere to be found besides amazon,So I opened Blackjack Anime. I want to make Kids Happy and for them to experience what I couldn´t when I was their age, you know, a little piece of Japan in the US.

Ernesto Gutierrez

Meet our team

We are All Enthusiastic Weebs! 

Ernesto gutierrez
Ceo and founder

Maria lanzas

bill blount
Texas Managing partner

ima carrillo
store manager carrollton

Josue Gonzalez
social media manager

eduardo escorcia

Dailenis enriquez
Store clerk

Sam Rodriguez
Store Clerk

JC Alvarez

Alejandro quiroz

Want to Join Our Team?

Please note that in order to Join our Team you must be 18+  and be abble to Commute to our locations as well as working 8 Hours Shift.  Anime Knowledge is a MUST.